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Farmworkers March to Site of Posh Healdsburg Wine Event to Demand Hazard pay

Jeremy Hay

May 20, 2023

North Bay Jobs with Justice Helps Lead the Way for Farmworkers

More than 200 farmworkers and their allies marched in Healdsburg on Saturday to demand hazard pay for working during natural disasters such as wildfires and for losing income during heavy rains. The group marched to the site of the Healdsburg Food & Wine Experience, an event held to celebrate vintners and chefs, near Healdsburg Plaza, where they passed out flyers highlighting their demands.

“We want them to pay attention to the workers in the fields,” said Yolanda Ramirez Leyba, a farmworker who said she had worked through wildfires and lost income to repeated heavy rains.

“I’m just super happy to see this happening in Healdsburg,” said Healdsburg Councilman Chris Herrod, who joined the march. “I think there is some concern by some people that this is sort of raining on the parade in terms of Healdsburg’s success, but I don’t think that’s true in the broader scheme of things. Most people in this community are very community oriented and want to see that everyone is treated fairly. And in order for that to happen, we need to start talking, and this is the beginning of that.”

Before the marchers left Giorgi Park to march downtown, Herrod told the crowd: “What we’re doing here today is just the beginning. Equity is on the rise in Healdsburg.”

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