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The North Bay Labor Council is one of nearly 500 state and local labor councils acting as an arm of the AFL-CIO. Labor Councils are the heart of the labor movement. NBLC represents over 70 thousand working people and some 70 union affiliates in Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, and Marin Counties. The Labor Council is a democratically elected body dedicated to represent the interests of working people at the state and local level. We mobilize our members and community partners to advocate for social and economic justice. NBLC works to elect candidates to public office who support Labor Standards and will stand by working people. The North Bay Labor Council strives daily to vanquish oppression and make our communities better for all people—regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, immigration status, ethnic or national origin.

How We Fit In To The 'Big Picture'

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