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Deceiving Petition in Larkspur

Kyle Marie & Curt Marin DSA Rent Control Committee Co-Chairs

Sep 28, 2023

Housing is a Human Right - Be Sure What You're Signing

In case you hadn't heard, the Larkspur City Council has officially adopted both a just cause evictions ordinance and a rent stabilization ordinance that caps annual rent increases at 7%. Despite this ordinance being the weakest rent control law in the entire state, Larkspur's largest landlord is now trying to repeal it.

The owners of Bon Air Apartments are mounting a referendum campaign to overturn the rent stabilization ordinance passed by the city council. They are paying canvassers to go door-to-door collecting signatures to qualify for a referendum and using an extremely misleading pitch to get people to sign, making it seem like it's a pro-rent control measure.

If you are asked to sign a petition with the text, "Referendum against an ordinance passed by the city council" at the top, please DO NOT SIGN the petition. This is an attempt to REPEAL Larkspur's new rent stabilization law.

If you have already mistakenly signed the petition, you can still RESCIND your signature. Simply print and complete this form and submit a hard copy to the Larkspur City Clerk's Office at 400 Magnolia Ave, upstairs at Larkspur City Hall.

It's remarkable that the Bon Air Apartment landlords are going through all this trouble to repeal Larkspur's exceptionally weak rent stabilization ordinance, given that it barely changes existing state law, lowering the cap on annual rent increases from 10% to 7%. It shows that, for the big landlords, no form of rent control is acceptable. They simply want to be able to gouge their tenants to maximize profits, regardless of the human costs.

Hopefully, they do not succeed at collecting enough signatures in time to qualify for the referendum. Again, please do not sign their petition and if you've already signed, make sure to fill out and submit this form to the city clerk ASAP.

In solidarity,

Kyle Marie & CurtMarin DSA Rent Control Committee Co-Chairs

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