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AAA Teamsters Picket Invitation

Jul 20, 2023

Please share this invitation as widely as possible so we can see the turnout we need.

AAA Teamsters: 

Let’s stand together to hold AAA accountable for their bad faith bargaining. 

The Company is not only choosing to implement their final offer on August first, but to do so in the most disruptive way possible. 

1. It is impossible for AAA to switch your medical coverage to the Teamsters BAAG Medical Plan without a ratified agreement and the Company's counsel knows this.  The Company’s announcement that they will unlawfully switch your medical coverage to the Teamsters plan is just an intentional provocation and retaliation against you for choosing to form a Union. 

2.   Rumors, likely true, are that the Company intends on August first to implement company-wide changes to how counter duty is scheduled and eliminate any flexibility in scheduling at the branch level. If the Company does this, the change would not only be contrary to what we tentatively agreed to at the bargaining table, but would also be another example of unlawful unilateral action. 

It is very unfortunate that your employer is choosing to behave like this and it is time to aggressively bring the attention of Californians to the situation you are facing. 

Attached is an invitation to an informational event that is intended to reach about 30,000 Californians face to face in one day and hopefully start some media attention on your cause. Turn out is important so please make sure that if you can participate you do. 

Our goal is to create two types of pressure: 

1. Make AAA members aware of how you are being treated.

2. Make business that AAA uses to advertise, aware that taking AAA's money leads to negative outcomes.

Let's do this as a Union and make the Company return to the table and finish negotiating your agreement!

 Please forward this invitation as widely as possible so we can see the turnout we need.

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